​The Project:
Lene Kilde creates sculptures inspired by children and their emotions. She finds that children’s body language is their purest form of communication. This is visualized by showing very few body parts, usually only hands and feet, which then are placed in proportion to each other with the use of metal mesh. Her intention is to invite the audience to use their own imagination so that they can complete the sculptures and fill in the lines and volume by themselves. The sculptures consist concrete, metal mesh and air.

Lene Kilde completed her Master Degree in Product Design in 2012. The following year she was awarded The Norwegian Arts Council three -year work scholarship for young artists. She has been represented by Galleri Ramfjord since 2013, and participated at SCOPE Basel for the first time this year with tremendous success. Her sculptures were sold out during the fair. One of Lene Kilde’s sculptures was acquired by NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Network) in 2013, and in 2012 Kilde was asked by Norways biggest hospital Ahus, to embellish their premises. In 2014 Lene kilde was an artist in residence in Grenada, where she quickly became inspired by Grenada’s underwater sculpture park. Lene Kilde’s underwater sculpture is based on the local fable of the Nutmeg Princess, a tale spun around a beautiful Caribbean princess who once lived in a bottomless lake.


2015 The Norwegian Arts Council ,scholarship for exhibiting in “Kunstbanken”, Hamar Kunstsenter (Norway)
2014 “Blaker scholarship” ( For designing and building the “The nutmeg Princess sculpture in Grenada underwater sculpture park”)
2013 The Norwegian Arts Council three -year work scholarship for young artists.
2013 Winner of the scholarship exhibition, Gallery Ramfjord
2013 “Blaker scholarship” (For follow-up project “stoves for cooking in developing countries)
2009 Winner of “Innovation Camp”, Norwegian championship in entrepreneurship, hosted by NHO.

2008 – 2012 Master in Product Design at the Oslo and Akershus University College of applied sciences, Faculty of technology, art and design with emphasis on form and sculpture (Norway).
​2005 – 2006 Fine Arts, Sculpture Department, at Einar Granum, school of art (Norway)
2002 – 2003 Fine Arts, School of art at Asker artschool. (Norway)

“Billedkunstnere i Oslo og Akershus” (BOA)
​”Norske Billedkunstnere” (NBK)

2016 Sculpture for private garden. Oslo (Norway)
​2015 Participation in the project “Life Boat”, “Mitt skib er ladet med” (Denmark)
2015 Assignment from “The arts council in Norway”
2015 Artist in residence in Balestrand (Norway)
2014 Skulpturs in Grenada underwater sculpture park, “The Nutmeg Princess” and “La Diablesse”. (Grenada, Caribbean)
2013 Project: “Designing a kiln for production of coal out of bio waste in Uganda.” The Royal Norwegian Society For Development.” ( Norges Vel)
2013 Sculpture “Child on the swing”, Norwegian broadcasting (NRK)
2012 Project: “Designing a kiln for production of coal out of bio waste in Uganda.” The Royal Norwegian Society For Development.” ( Norges Vel)
2012 Fuel saving cooking oven made by local material in Uganda. Master project, In cooperation with Friends of the Earth Norway (Naturvernforbundet)
2011 – 2013 Sculpture, outdoor furnitures and light sculpture commissioned for Ahus hospital. (Norway)

Solo exhibitions :
2017 Larvik art Center (Norway)
2016 Hedmark kunstsenter, Kunstbanken, Hamar (Norway)
2015 Aurskog art center (Norway)
2015 Grimstad art center (Norway)
2015 Drøbak Near Oslo, (Norway)
2015 Jessheim Near Oslo, (Norway)
2015 Lillestrøm Near Oslo, (Norway)
2014 Nordhordland art center Near Bergen, (Norway)
2014 Gallery Ramfjord Oslo, (Norway)
2013 Gallery Festiviteten, Eidsvoll. Exhibit No. 1 (Norway)
2013 Gallery Festiviteten, Eidsvoll, Exhibit No. 2 (Norway)

Group exhibitions :
2017 Gallery Hjorth (Denmark)
2017 Scope Basel (Switzerland)
2017 Gallery Ramfjord (Norway)
2017 North Trøndelag Art Museum (Norway)
2016 Scope Miami (Florida)
2016 Christmas exhibition at Gallery Ramfjord, (Norway)
2016 Affordable art fair Stockholm (Sweden)
2016 Aas art center, (Norway)
2016 Summer exhibition, Gallery Ramfjord, Oslo, (Norway)
2016 Scope Basel (Switzerland)
2016 Auction exhibition, Galleri Ramfjord, Oslo, (Norway)
2016 Gallery Ramfjord (Norway)
2015 Gallery Athene, Drammen (Norway)
2015 Gallery Blaker (Norway)
2015 Gallery Ramfjord. Christmas exhibition.Telemark (Norway)
2015 Gallery Ramfjord. Oslo (Norway)
2015 Galleri Ramfjord Auction exhibition, Oslo, (Norway)
2015 Balestrand Sogn and Fjordane, (Norway)
2015 Asker (Near Oslo, Norway)
2015 Summer Exhibition, Gallery Ramfjord Oslo, (Norway)
2015 Exhibition in Gallery Oxholm Copenhagen, (Denmark)
2015 Exhibition in Kongsberg (Norway)
2014 16 Years anniversary Exhibition, “ Gallery Ramfjord” (Norway)
2014 Participation in “Art Copenhagen”, (Denmark)
2014 Summer exhibition, Gallery Ramfjord, Oslo, (Norway)
2014 Scholarship exhibition, Gallery Ramfjord, Oslo, (Norway)
2014 Exhibition in Kragerø, (South in Norway)
2014 Summer exhibition in Eliasbeth G, Tysnes, Near Bergen, (Norway)
2014 Scolarship exhibition in Oslo City Hall.
2013 Christmas exhibition, Gallery Ramfjord, Oslo, (Norway )
2013 Romerike art center, exhibition, (Norway)
2013 Participation in “Art Copenhagen”, (Denmark)
2013 15 year anniversary exhibition, Gallery Ramfjord, (Norway)
2013 Participation in scholarship exhibition, Gallery Ramfjord, (Norway)
2012 Romerikssenteret exhibition. Wirestring sculpture x 2, (Norway)
2010 Romerikssenteret exhibition. Wrestling sculpture, (Norway)
2010 “Young talents” Exhibition at DogA, (Norway)
2007 Exhibition at Akershus University College, (Norway)
2007 Rælingsutstillingen, (Norway)
2006 Final degree show Einar Granum Art School, (Norway)


Solo exhibitions:
Mar 2018 Gallery Oxholm (Denmark)
Aug 2018 Lørenskog art center, (Norway)